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      Organic philosophy is inherently beneficial to the Earth, environment & thus our future. Organic production & processing is based on a number of principles and ideas generally defined as Standards. They cover organic production at farm, processing, storage, labelling, and marketing activities, i.e., the complete value chain from farming to food. Organic agriculture also aims to minimize the use of external inputs to reduce the cost of cultivation, thus benefiting both the producer as well as the consumers.

      Organic agriculture covers all kinds of food & fibre production systems and can be defined as essentially a chemical-free farming system to produce uncontaminated farm produce of high nutritional quality in sufficient quantities. It also allows agriculture producers to meet their needs by obtaining adequate returns, satisfaction from their work and a safe working environment. It aims to further create an ecologically, socially and economically sustainable system of food and fibre production.
      The principal aims & objectives of organic production and processing, are as follows:
        To produce sufficient quantities of high quality food, fibre and other products.
        To work compatibly with natural cycles and living systems through the soil, plants and animals in the entire production system.
        To recognize the wider social and ecological impact of, and within the organic production and processing system.
        To maintain and increase long-term fertility and biological activity of soils using locally adopted cultural, biological and mechanical methods as opposed to reliance on external inputs.
        To maintain and encourage agricultural and natural biodiversity on the farm and its surroundings through the use of sustainable production systems and the protection of plant and wildlife habitats.
        To maintain and conserve genetic diversity through attention to on-farm management of genetic resources.
        To use, as far as possible, renewable resources in production and processing systems and avoid pollution and waste.
        To foster local and regional production and distribution.
        To create a harmonious balance between crop production and animal husbandry.
        To provide living conditions that allow animals to express the basic aspects of their innate behaviour.
        To utilize biodegradable, recyclable and recycled packaging materials.
        To provide everyone involved in organic farming and processing with a quality of life that satisfies their basic needs, within a safe, secure and healthy working environment.
        To support the establishment of an entire production, processing and distribution chain
          which is both socially just and ecologically responsible.
        To recognize the importance of, and protect and learn from, indigenous knowledge and traditional farming systems.
      With the above objectives, there is no wonder that the whole world is now talking about organic agriculture as a truly sustainable farming system.

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